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Gonna Eat Ya has been revisited

2012-04-03 12:58:02 by Past3

So, I've been revisiting Gonna Eat Ya, adding more to the synths, and putting in more cymbals, etc. When I'm certain it's completely done, I'll take down the first version and make the new one available. The new version is much better, IMO. It feels more full and complete, and less cluttered and dense.

New account, New music.

2012-04-01 11:25:53 by Past3

So my good friend Joe, a.k.a. Bitfrost has been on my case to start a Newgrounds account for my music, like his. It can't hurt I suppose, considering he got airtime on the radio the other day because he's got enough of a following that random Canadian radio DJs have heard of him, and played his music on the air. So it really can't hurt to have a Newgrounds account and maybe make some new friends and fans along the way. So enjoy, I've got some tunes for you.